august in review

Welcome to randomness.

This is Graham asleep under a blanket, on the kitchen floor.

This was a "Garden Party" our Relief Society organized.

Everyone showed up with a salad.

And everyone just ate and talked.

This is Avery growling... or something.

And this is Avery being Avery.

Graham loves to color.

Drake loves to pick things from the garden when I'm not ready to use them.

Eating a tomato like an apple.

Avery likes to look at books and often pretends she is reading them. Her stories don't make any sense, but I love listening to her.

Having fun together.

Watching dad fix an RC car.

Watching dad drive an RC car.

Birds actually using the birdbath we have out in the "orchard"... first time I've seen it happen.

Enjoying Dad after his first long Sunday with a new calling.

Graham playing underneath the swimming pool.

And still awake.

Avery loves her dolls.

And I love my kids.

Especially when they all get along.

I still can't believe August is over. I expected it to go fast with all the company we had, but still...


shad's week of fun

Here are some pictures of Shad's backpacking adventure in the Wind River mountain range in Wyoming. All pictures were taken by my brother Matt, so I can't take any credit... except that we're related. Enjoy.

If you want to know details, I'm sure Shad would be happy to tell you...