graham is 3

Time sure flies. Our once silent, little boy now loves to talk and has developed his own opinions. The other day, we were having cookies for a treat, and I offered one to Graham. He just looked at me and said, "No. I don't like cookies." Since when does a kid not like cookies?

Avery has a little pink dress that she wears occasionally on Sundays. Without fail, Graham will always watch her for a minute after she has her dress on, smile, and say, "Look Mom. Avery is a princess."

I love our Graham boy. He is very energetic...

... when he's awake.

And he has lost his stone-faced expression...

... for the most part.

Graham is such a funny kid.

He has his own way of doing things...

...which includes opening his birthday presents before his birthday.

Needless to say, he was a little excited to be turning 3.

He got to talk to relatives on the phone.

Well, maybe not talk so much as listen.

He (and Drake) loved opening up his presents and cards.

Both boys enjoyed Graham's birthday very much.

Did I mention Graham just does his own thing sometimes? This pair of pants that he was wearing is too big in the waist, and he has to constantly pull them up throughout the day. So finally, by late afternoon, he got tired of trying to keep them up, and just walked around like this for a while. Much easier.

He wanted a race car cake, so this was my quick let's-hope-this-meets-his-approval attempt because it was already getting close to bedtime.

Drake had to help him blow out all the candles.

We all enjoyed cake and ice cream and sharing our thoughts about Graham.

This is still one of my favorite pictures of Graham. It just captures his cute personality.

I'm so grateful to have this boy in my life. We are lucky to have such a loving son. He has a big heart and is quick to share and help out. He adores his sister and wants to be just like his brother. Thanks Graham, for helping to make our lives complete. Happy birthday. We love you.


autumn leaves

Autumn is my favorite season.

I like the fall colors.

Drake took it upon himself one day to go out and rake the leaves because I wasn't getting around to it fast enough.

After a while, I went out to help and got carried away with taking pictures, which rarely happens... really...

I raked up a pile of leaves, then just held down the camera button, resulting in a whole lot of pictures. These boys never tired of running back to the fence only to run to the pile of leaves again. I'll stop typing now so you can scroll through these pictures as fast (or as slow) as you want, if you even want to.

Shad and Matt showed up while we were still at it.

Good times.