Likening the Scriptures... as a 4-year old

So yesterday I was trying to get Drake to clean up a mess that he had made with water. He was trying to tell me he didn't have to. As I kept trying to convince him to clean it up, he finally said, "Can I tell you something?" I said, "Sure." So Drake went on by saying, "We read a story about a wicked man who wanted to be king and he told everybody what to do." (At that moment, I was so proud that he'd remembered a scripture story, and praised him for his good memory.) Then, looking me right in the eye, he continued by saying, "You can't tell me what to do either."

I had to remind him that I'm his mother and not a wicked man, but if he's coming at me with that kind of reasoning now, I don't know what I'm going to do when he's a teenager!


A Dirty Deed

Saturday afternoon, Shad and I went up to Rexburg for an extended family reunion. It was held at the Stake Center, where exists a little playground for the kids. So Drake joined his 2nd cousins, and other more distant cousins, on the playground.

At one point during the reunion, I heard Drake's distinct cry of displeasure. I ran to the playground only to find my little boy, covered in mud, being escorted by his "Papa" in my direction. My first reaction? Go grab the camera--not ask if he's okay, or comfort him, or even try to help him in any way, but instead I turn and go get the camera. Is that mean? If he was hurt, and not just dirty, I would have reacted differently. But still.

After I took the picture, Shad and his dad took Drake to the men's room to clean him up (fortunately I'd brought an extra pair of clothes). It took them a while, but finally Drake emerged clean and ready to play again (with a little coaxing).

The slide behind Drake is the culprit... there was a big puddle of mud in the grass at the bottom. He stopped at the bottom of the slide, but his foot slipped when he tried to jump over the mud. I only took the one picture, but here he is just after the fall, with his dad and his papa.

Yes, the mud was on his feet, legs, shorts, shirt, hands, arms, face and hat...

...but mostly on his face and hat. I was still getting mud out of his eyes even after he'd been all cleaned up.

At least he'll have a good story to tell, or laugh about, when he's older, right?


Boys in bows

I think Drake and Graham are a little jealous that their sister gets to wear bows in her hair--all they ever get to wear are hats. Of their own volition, the boys have decided to change that. I think the pictures speak for themselves.


Our 4th of July

So the Fourth of July was a very relaxing, no worries kind of day for us, which was really nice. We woke up and went to a breakfast and Patriotic Program at our stake center. From there we headed into Pocatello for their parade. We were lucky to not only get a good parking spot, but some seats with shade. The boys really enjoyed the parade--Drake especially.

Here they are excitedly waiting for it to start (Avery is sleeping in her car seat behind them).

Close-up of Graham.

Close-up of Drake.

Close-up of Avery, who slept through it all.

Intrigued by something in the parade, no doubt.

Sweet Drake was so excited that people were throwing candy onto the street, but we were sitting next to some older kids, and Drake was never fast enough. So usually he'd run out there so excited, only to run back and say, "I didn't get any candy." We had to assure him that more candy would come, and encouraged him to stand next to the other kids instead of behind them. By the end of the parade, he had plenty of candy to satisfy his little 4-year old desires.

Here's a shot of Drake walking back after a failed attempt to retrieve candy. Life can be so hard sometimes...

After the parade we all went home, ate lunch, and took naps--amazing, huh? Our entire family, asleep at the same time in the middle of the day--of course, I only slept a short while before little Avery rang out, but I did still get to sleep some. That evening, we went over to Heath's and Stacy's house (friends in our ward). Drake is good friends with their son Parker. We enjoyed a delicious barbeque with them and some of their family, then hung out and visited.

Once it was dark enough, we lit off all of our fireworks until they were gone. I didn't get many good pictures of that. Afterwards, we sat out behind our friends' house, and watched the big show they do from the fairgrounds. Our kids sure got to bed late, but I think they had fun. It was a nice way to celebrate our independence!


Avery's Blessing Day

We blessed our sweet little Avery on Sunday, June 29. I'm grateful for everyone that was able to make it up to support us. It was a fun day. I didn't get a lot of pictures because I was running around most of the day, but here are a few (my dad took most of these--thanks dad!).

That morning was Avery's last bath in the sink, right before church. She's been too big for the sink for a while, but it's easier for me 'cause I don't have to bend over as much. Her hair is really curly right after it's washed, but it doesn't usually last more than half the day.

Me and my daughter.

The lot of us.

Shad's dad with Avery and her cousin Spencer.

Shad's Grandma Johnson. I love this one of Avery because she looks happy and angelic.

My mom and her favorite red-headed daughter (and Avery of course).

Shad and his sister Haeli grilling hamburgers after church.

My brother, Landon, who's not sure if he likes holding her or not...

Thanks again to everyone who helped out with the day and the festivities. I appreciate the effort you all made to come honor Avery. We love you!


Happy 90th Birthday Ruth!

The last weekend in July, I made a quick trip to Utah with the kids and my brother Matt. My great grandmother, Ruth, turned 90, and my dad's family was throwing her a big surprise party in Salt Lake. Shad stayed in Idaho so he could go to the wedding of one of his really good friends from high school. So Matt and I drove down Friday night just to drive back up Saturday night, but it was fun, although my brother got a taste of what it was like to travel with three kids...

This is my brother Matt, walking around in the middle of nowhere with Graham (Drake was asleep) because I had to pull off on some random exit to feed Avery because she was screaming her head off. They had a nice walk. The kids were fine the rest of the drive down... oh, except for the last ten or fifteen minutes of the trip when Graham started crying, and then Avery started to cry because Graham wouldn't stop, and Drake woke up and wasn't in the best of moods himself. Matt and I just looked at each other and smiled. Thanks Matt, for putting up with your sister and her children.

When we got into town, we first went to Shad's grandparents in Bountiful so they could see little Avery. We spent some time there just visiting and passing Avery around. It wasn't until much later that I realized I'd forgotten to take any pictures at their home. From there, we grabbed some "really healthy" fast food and went to stay the night at Shad's Aunt Sandi's place. I won't tell you what time it was when my kids finally got to eat dinner... Below is a pic of Sandi with Avery. The boys loved playing with all of Sandi's toys that night and the next morning. Thanks again Sandi.

This is at the surprise party---my brother Landon and Drake.

Graham found this rocker and just sat on it by himself for a while.

Here's a 5 generation shot---my mom (back left), me, and Avery, with my dad's mom (front right) and her step-mom-in-law Ruth (front left, who the party was for). Not really a direct bloodline, but 5 generations nonetheless.

My dad holding his newest granddaughter for the first time.

My mom with Avery--I like her beady little eyes in this shot.

This is Saturday night back out our place in Pocatello. My family drove up because we blessed Avery the next day in our ward. My brother Nathan and his wife Adrienne (who live in Provo) came up as well. Here's the bunch of them laughing while playing a game called "Curses".

I always love it when anyone comes to visit/stay with us, especially when it's family. Our basement should be done soon, and then we'll actually have decent accommodations for anyone that wants to come up (that's an open invitation, by the way)!


Cleaning Up

For Family Home Evening last week, we cleaned the car. The boys thought it was great fun, and got plenty wet to prove it.

Drake would take the sponge and wipe it all along the side of the car, after Shad had already rinsed it....this only happened about five or six times. Graham just liked dipping his rag into the soapy water, then walking around while watching it drip all over the driveway.

Inside, we had our carpets cleaned, just in the front room and the dining area (yes, there is carpet under the kitchen table, which is a "no-no" with kids--I can't wait to replace it). So all our furniture from those rooms got stashed into the bedrooms and the kitchen.

Drake is watching a cartoon on TV in my room--we were confined to my room for several hours because of the carpets, until I finally took the boys out of the house to get lunch at the park and run some errands.

Do you think I accessed the kitchen much that day?

This picture has nothing to do with cleaning up. I just wanted to post something of Avery.