The Elder's Quorum sponsored a barbeque for the ward, and we got to host it at our place.

If you want to see us clean up our place quick, just tell us that 50+ people are going to come over for a couple hours.

We'll make sure that our beautiful dirt yard looks its best.

There was lots of food and lots of people, and I think everyone had a good time—at least I hope so.

I wonder how many parents were glad they came after having to wash sand and dirt out of their kids' hair and clothes...

Our next door neighbors, the Cordells, saddled up one of their horses so the kids (and adults if they wanted) could take turns riding around our pasture.

I think it was a hit with the kids.

And it kept them out of the dirt for a while.

There was also a disc golf course, set up by Shad.

It started at the big pine tree in our front yard...

... took them all over our neighbors pasture...

...and ended up back at our place.

I should pretend we're hosting a barbeque every weekend. We'd get to hang out with friends, and my place would be clean a lot more often.


preschool bbq

Drake's preschool is over. He and I have really enjoyed getting to see and learn with our friends every week. I'll miss the constant interaction with good people. Hopefully we'll still hang out over the summer. To finish this preschool year, we had a little barbeque at our friends' home.

The kids got to just eat and play with one another.

And the adults got to just visit, mostly.

Graham won't do preschool until at least next year, so I'll have a little break for a while. I'm very grateful for the chance I've had to be in this preschool group, and for the friends that I've gained because of it. Good times.


memorial day

We spent Friday and Saturday at home, working on projects inside and out. But for Sunday afternoon and Monday, we went down to Utah to spend some time with Shad's family.

It was the first time I'd seen his grandparents' tree bloom these yellow hangy things, and I really liked it.

And at least once a year, if not more, we drive into Salt Lake...

... to go to the Salt Lake Cemetery...

...to visit my little brother's grave.

I was only two years old when he died, but I still have some faint memories of him.

And I want my kids to know they have an uncle that's already in heaven, and that they'll get to meet him someday.

When I was growing up, my parents would always leave a pinwheel by his headstone, so we do too.

I look forward to seeing him again someday, and seeing all my relatives and friends that have passed on.

We spent most of our time at Shad's sister Mandi's home. I just like this picture of Avery.

It's fun for all the cousins to see each other, and to see their grandparents too. This is Owen with "Nana".

This is Avery again.

Amber brought bubbles for all the kids.

They had a good time with them.

And even stopped riding bikes long enough to enjoy them.

Graham had to concentrate very hard.

Oh look, it's Avery again, this time with "Papa".

This is some of the crew just hanging out inside.

It's fun to be with family.

We try to make it to what events we can.

Drake always enjoys playing with his cousins (and their toys).

It was a nice Memorial Day.


plenty of dirt

If there is one thing we have in abundance around here, it's dirt (and apparently dandelions too).

Right now it takes up about half of our backyard, and then some.

We're gonna plant some grass seed to fill in most of it though.

But until then, there is plenty of dirt for the kids to play in, with endless possibilities.

Here, Drake and his friend Saige used bricks and concrete forms to make a water thing.

They planned on having the water start at the top, and go under all the bridges and around every corner.

It didn't quite go as they had planned, but they sure had a good time working on it.

The only problem is, I can't keep the floor clean from all the dirt that gets tracked in.

But I can't get upset either, because it means I've got kids, and that they're having fun.

And I wouldn't trade that for anything.

sleeping outside

Shad's nice to sleep outside with the boys from time to time.

Usually they don't all make it through the night outside... but sometimes.

I think it's fun to watch them wake up in the morning.

Especially when I capture a face like this one...

I always volunteer to sleep in the house with Avery. It's the least I can do.