september in review

Well, once again, this is a last-post-of-the-month, which means there are a whole lotta pictures with limited text. Bear with me. Or not.

Borrowing our neighbors riding mower because our non-self-propelled push mower broke.

Bed head.




Drake very meticulously slicing and placing cheese for a quesadilla.

Daddy-daughter time.

Avery happy with snacks.

Avery sad because Dad went downstairs.


Medieval Faire at the library.

Drake just wanted to watch the fencing.


Should have been part of the animals post.

Some hot pads I "won" for commenting on a blog. More about that in the future.

Every time he gets off the bus, Drake runs straight to me and wraps his arms around me.

I love it.

Concentrating... the tongue helps.

Before the haircut...

...and after.

Drake's hair before.

Another before. I was having fun. I never did take an after.

Avery's stance when you ask her, "Where is it?"

Watching the neighbors pile up hay for their horses.

One night, the kids really wanted to play bocce ball.

So we did.

I wanted to get a picture of Avery holding one of the balls.

Just as I took the picture, Avery got clocked right on the side of her head from the white ball that Graham was throwing (not intentional on his part). Not the picture I was hoping for.

Avery thinks she's pretty cool.

I'd have to agree.

I like this face.

And this one.

And this one.

She loves pushing her little stroller around.

Drake's creativity.

Avery's art.

She's great at drinking from a cup, if I put next to nothing in it.

If you can just ignore my voice, this video shows Avery dancing a little. It was actually taken at the beginning of August. Nowadays, she dances a lot more.

This video shows Avery's excitement over a picture of a dog. Now imagine how excited she gets when she sees the real thing.

Enjoying one of the most popular activities in our house.

Adios September.