a pandemic christmas

We were able to spend Christmas with my family this year, and it was fun... when we weren't sick.

This is my nephew Jayden.

Drake helping make fruit pizza.

My nephew Jack wielding a sword.

I remember when I still lived at home, Santa would usually come visit us right before Christmas. Now he visits our kids.

Or at least the ones that will go to him.

Graham just watched from the stairs--he didn't even want to get close.

And now our kids act out the nativity instead of us.

And after the kids are in bed, the big kids have fun.

And I still enjoy just sitting and talking.

Christmas morning: these two are just waiting to go downstairs.

My nephew Austin trying his stocking on for size.

Avery modeling her new slippers.

Ivy plumb tuckered out.

All the grandkids.

Enjoying some Christmas gifts.

Computer time.

My little package.


One of the few days that most of us were feeling well, we decided to go sledding.

And I'm going to skip my lame dialogue for the sledding pictures because there are a lot of them, so you can just scroll through them fast if you're not interested. I don't know what my family has already seen...

The kids got a little "mosaic" thing that lets them stick foam squares on a picture. Drake decided they were more fun on him.

My mom and Avery.

More fun outside.

It was fun to spend some time with family.

Trent and Amy received a game called Pandemic where you work together to try to prevent the world from getting sick, basically.

Ironic, because of the 22 people together for the holidays, only 3 did NOT catch the nasty flu bug that spread around our own little world. So as I mentioned at the beginning, we had a great time, besides getting sick.