another year gone

I'm always amazed at how quickly another year is over.

We were able to spend New Year's Eve with Shad's family.

Which is why we were able to enjoy Green Canyon.

Speaking of which, we saw a bunch of wildlife on the side of the hill on our drive back from Green Canyon.

The kids always enjoy their cousins.

And we always enjoy piling them all in the same room to sleep.

We stayed up and played games, ate food, and talked ourselves into the new year.

I have no words of wisdom or deep thoughts to close out the year 2010, but I am most grateful for a wonderful husband and children who enrich my life every single day.  Thanks for a great year.

the gem known as Green Canyon

If you've never been to Idaho, then you've never experienced Green Canyon.

And let me just say, it is certainly an experience.

Before I had gone for my first time, Shad's family prepped me for the worst.

I was literally expecting the absolute worst hot springs swimming pool complex imaginable.

And you know what, it isn't the worst.

Close maybe, but not the worst.  :)

It's a popular place.  It's tradition.  And it's fun.

Whenever we go we always enjoy a nice weenie roast.

That is often followed by s'mores.

After the meal we enjoy the warm swimming pool.

There is also a super hot pool and freezing cold pool in the adjacent room.

This time when we went, I sat out on the side and just watched...

...because of this cute little girl.

But it gave me opportunity to observe more of Green Canyon and all that it is.

This sign reads: "If you cannot swim please stay in shallow end"

Thank goodness for Green Canyon.

I really do enjoy it.

p.s. I didn't take any pictures of the dressing room, for obvious reasons.  That is another story in and of itself.


random pictures

It is what it is - lots of unconnected pictures.

Here the kids are doing "melty beads", as they call them.

Lindy got shots in both legs at her 2 month check-up.

Drake used the Dominoes box as a stand, so to speak, from which to sell his cars for 50 cents a pop.

A friend of ours gave us a bunch of eggs from her chickens.

I love the variety in color.

I found this paper that Drake wrote on.  I think it was his way of venting some frustration with his brother.  The word "saree" translates as "sorry".

Graham adores Lindy.  He's pretty good with her, and is the only one that can consistently make her smile.

Avery loves having a living doll to hang out with.

Some friends gave us a box of mandarin oranges with a story.  We enjoyed both.

One of the few decorations on our wall, made by Drake at school last year.


Sad cuteness.

Flowers from Shad for our anniversary.

One of Graham's first (better) stick people drawings.

Chillin' with Uncle Matt.

Hangin' out with Aunt Amber.

Amber even joined us for a lengthy caroling adventure with some friends.

Good times.