random pics again

This is the last "random pics" post before the month review.

Our local library had a Reading Festival to celebrate with all the kids who participated in the Summer Reading Program. There was a fire truck that the kids could look at and climb on, but for some strange reason my kids weren't interested.

Then there was this military vehicle that I thought my kids would want to sit in, but alas they did not.

Then we found the popsicle stand, and my kids had no problem saying yes to that.

Inside, they colored some hats to wear.

And they watched a clown show.

They had a good time at the library.

Our garden is coming along.

And Avery is posing by some of our tomato plants.

Playing in the dirt.

Avery has really enjoyed her doll stroller this summer. She recently found my cabbage patch doll from when I was a kid and has been pushing her or carrying her around ever since.

Fun with water.

We decided to "camp out" in the basement one night and watch a movie with the kids before they fell asleep.

And Graham insisted on trying to ride his bike with no training wheels, so we tried, but he still needs to work on starting and stopping. He's getting close though.

Drake, on the other hand, will probably have no desire to try riding without training wheels any time soon---it's too dangerous for him.


baby shower fun

Several of my relatives put on a fun baby shower for my sister-in-law Amy, who is due on August 4... one week from today!

I took a bunch of pictures of the food and decorations before people started showing up.

Blurry, but oh well.


These were the party favors that I made for the event.

Baby booties, in case you can't tell.

Once people started showing up, I didn't think about taking many pictures because I was just enjoying being with and visiting with my relatives.

I had to get a picture of Avery sitting at the "girls' table" though.

It was fun to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Trent and Amy's little boy.

This picture is super blurry, but I had to post it because this sweet girl was so excited to hand Amy her presents.

And Avery had fun sitting on Trent's lap for a little bit.

When Avery didn't want to sit inside anymore, she entertained herself outside.

The happy, expectant parents.

And I've told Amy plenty of times, but I can't believe how good she looks... especially for being due next week! I can't wait.


random pics 3: all things outdoors

And yet another installment of random pictures.

Raspberries on the left, corn on the right.

And for the first time in a couple years, we actually have raspberries growing on the bushes.

The kids have gone out every day to pick whatever ones are ripe, which is only maybe 6-12 a day, but they're excited nonetheless.

Picking up apricots and playing out in the orchard.

Just having fun outside.

What Avery's face might look like on any given day.

Speaking of dirty faces, here she is loving swinging and her brother.

Our clematis.

Daisies from the side of our yard.

And this is what Drake made for me out of the plethora of pine cones in our front yard. Avery added the very topmost pine cone.

The end.