june in review

To finish up my pictures from June, here are some random pictures from our everyday life.

Drake listening to a book on CD.

Drake covered in stickers.

Avery sleeping with her favorite little blankie.

Graham trying to get a piggy-back ride.

Avery enjoying no clothes while Shad eats breakfast.

Avery enjoying her own meal.

Avery being pretty.

Our neighbor using his CAT to retrieve his son's hat from the roof.

Cute Avery.

Graham showing me his clean hands with chocolate still on his mouth.

We bought a little kid-sized bench that was on sale.

Once we got it put the together, the kids wanted to sit on it everywhere:

in the grass just because;

to watch each other swing;

to watch us work on our herb/tomato garden. I'm glad they enjoy it.

Avery loves to stack things on top of each other, and put things inside one another.

Graham loves wearing his helmet around the house.

Graham really loves Avery too.

I'm really enjoying the warm weather and the fact that the kids can play outside.

Avery showing off a new dress... bought on clearance.

I love how Avery just laughs at her brothers sometimes.

And how sweet her brothers are to her.

Good times in June.


fishing for mosquitos

Shad has been on a kick to go fishing lately, so we decided to venture out one evening.

We brought dinner with us to make it more fun.

As it turned out, every little spot we pulled into was either really sunny and windy...

...or infested with mosquitos.

We ended up eating our dinner in the van.

And we didn't catch anything besides moss and mosquitos.

And even though I stayed in the van with Avery most of the time to avoid being eaten alive...

... we had a good family night. Hopefully we'll have better luck next time.

johnson family reunion

Every year, Shad's dad's side of the family has a family reunion.

This year we started it out by going through the open house for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in South Jordan, Utah.

This rainbow came out after we left the temple and went to Shad's sister's house.

Another big activity was a visit to the Wheeler Historic Farm in Salt Lake City.

I liked the metal signs.

Waiting for the whole group to show up.

A cool old house.

Cousins and cows.

Sheep. Do you like how I point out the obvious?

Lots of old farm equipment.

At one point, this group of geese wandered over by where we were.

And when we found out we could buy grain to feed them, we thought it would be fun for the kids to do so.

So the kids got to feed the geese.

This white one in front was the ring leader. We didn't mess with him.

We took a tractor-pulled wagon ride around the farm.

The kids had fun playing in a playhouse...

... and on trees.

And I couldn't resist getting a picture of these two on this old thing.

I would have had Avery join them, but she was busy doing other things.

It's a fun little place to visit.

We went to Krystal's house for food and fun.

These cousins were all born within seven months of each other.

And these cousins were born within five or so months of each other.

These brothers were born several years apart, but the ability-to-fall-asleep-anywhere gene runs strong. What I didn't get was a picture of at least a half dozen other family members who also snoozed for a bit.

Another activity was going to a splash park.

These two mostly sat out and watched...

... along with this group.

Still trying to get her used to water.

While the kids played at the splash park, a bunch of people went on the grass to play bocce ball.

It's fun hanging out with family.

And neat to see posterity growing more and more.