Drake's Fire Station Field Trip

Yesterday morning, Drake's preschool group (there are five kids total) got to go to one of the Pocatello Fire Stations. Drake loved it, especially the trucks. This is a lesson in fire safety.

The two main trucks they use.

Drake standing inside the truck!

Graham looking drunk inside the truck.

The whole crowd (minus the moms).

Refinishing the basement...

...will be a project for a while, but at least we finally started. We'd like to have it done before the warm weather sits in, and we move our projects outdoors. Here's Shad's handiwork in the ripping-down process.
I'll post more pictures as we get further along.


Love my boys

I'm going to bed right now, but just wanted to post some recent pictures of my favorite boys. I'm grateful for each of them, and the unique joy and love each one brings into the family. They make me smile and laugh every day.


Fun in the snow!

Last weekend we went up to the Rexburg Temple Open House, and then spent a day in a cabin belonging to some friends of Shad's family. I stayed inside most of the time with Graham, but Drake took a hand at cross-country skiing, and I think he enjoyed it.

Here is a picture of a branch close-up. It was beautiful how all the tree branches were crystallized and covered in white. The couch picture is of Drake and Graham with all of their first cousins on Shad's side.

Lastly, it took a little while to leave the cabin. The snow was thick on both sides of the road out, plus, our car didn't have enough power to make it up the big hill. So below is his family trying to help push us up the hill, and then them giving up and walking back down. We ended up backing down the hill to the driveway, then Shad's dad got in front of us and towed us up and out. Shad can't wait to get a truck...


It's a girl!

We found out this morning that we're having a girl! If you can tell what's in the pictures, enjoy!


#3 is baking...

So now that our families know, we can announce that Baby Johnson #3 is due to arrive on May 30, 2008. We're excited to be blessed with another child! Our parents found out upon opening a present Christmas morning--a frame with three slots, with the following the pics...