what kids in idaho do for fun

Play with moon sand.

Play with tinkertoys---this was an obstacle course for their cars.

Play with blankets.

Go to car shows (doesn't he look ecstatic?).

And finally, fun with dirt bikes.

These are some kids in our neighborhood who thought it would be fun to get a ride down the street in a kayak. It didn't start out broken.

And they had no idea I was watching them.

Ah, fun in Idaho.



My brother Matt went on an adventure to Australia, because he wanted to. When he came back, he brought these shirts for our boys (who wear them as much as they can).

We had the privilege of Matt's presence in our home for just a little while until he found a more permanent dwelling place.

Our kids grew to know and love Matt as a big brother almost, even though he wasn't with us for very long.

But after he left, they still included him in their prayers and asked about him all the time.

So in honor of Matt, here are a whole bunch of pictures of him with the kids.

And a few videos...

Thanks Matt for all your help, and for making our kids so happy while you were here.

You're welcome back anytime.


the joys of being a mom

The three things that can sometimes lead me to impatience, frustration, and who knows what else are also the three things that can bring me the most joy. In no particular order they are:




So because I'd rather focus on the part of motherhood that I love and that makes me smile, this post is a small collection of pictures and videos that truly give me joy.

Drake fell asleep while laying next to Avery's crib to try to help her fall asleep.

This was the first time I realized that Graham really did know his letters and wasn't just making good guesses.

He just sat down and did this on his own one day.

Deep conversations in the bathroom, complete with cowboy hat.

Another night when Drake was being sweet and trying to help Avery fall asleep by laying on the floor next to her crib.

One of my favorite things is when my kids play well together, like they really are friends and not just siblings.

I don't know if rubbing dirty, sticky hands all over in her hair at the very end of dinner is really a joy, but in this case, all I could do was take a picture and carry on.

A joint effort now to help Avery sleep.

Reading together.

Cuddling on the couch.

Graham drew this picture and was attempting to write "I love you" by himself. I love it.

This basket was fun as a hat for a while.

My almost two-year-old still sucks her thumb religiously.

Graham falls asleep in the funniest places/positions.

Bath time is fun.

They still prefer to all take a bath together, which makes it quick for me and fun for them.

I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

One of my absolute favorite things in the world is the laughter of my own children. So this is a video of them laughing in the bathtub.

And this is a video of me chasing them and tickling them to get them to laugh.

And another chasing/tickling video.

These three kids make motherhood awesome, for real.