we are alive. and busy.

This is merely an informative post, in case there are still people out there who look at this blog on occasion...

I plan on getting this blog up to date.  Well, I've been planning that for a while now (a year or more, shall we say), but I'm really going to do something about it now.  I also don't want to get too far behind on pictures for 2012 while I'm trying to do 2011, so you may see a post from February of last year, and then the very next post could be February of this year.  Or not.  The date of the post (or when it would have been posted had I been on the ball) will always be at the top left corner of each post (if you're actually on the blog) to try to help avoid confusion, if you're not already confused.

I apologize in advance for the extreme plethora of pictures that will most certainly be posted, but I can't help it.  If you don't want to read a post because it's too long, I don't blame you (and I won't know anyway).  And if you never read this blog again, I probably wouldn't know that either.

Now that I've admitted to any readers of this blog that I'm back on board, I hope that's motivation enough to keep me on board.

And since I have a hard time posting without any pictures, here's one:

I figure since she's probably changed the most since my last real post, it would be fun to show you how our youngest looks today.

Here's to 2012!

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Miss Meliss said...

I just got your comment on my blog (i've been sooooo absentee). Thanks for visiting the ol' blog! your family is beautiful!